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Chair of International Macroeconomics and Trade – Prof. Dr. Hartmut Egger

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Vorlesung, SWS:2, VL Number: 34003


Leandro Navarro

Course Description

This course provides an introduction into the theory of economic growth. The question of whether economies can grow perpetually and to what extent resources generated in the growth process suffice to guarantee the survival of the population have been key challenges for economic research since economics has evolved as an independent academic discipline. In this lecture, we look at key topics that are put forward in the literature and shed light on the engines of economic growth as well as the consequences of technology diffusion in open economies. The lecture also introduces the techniques required to study models of economic growth, which usually involve the problem of dynamic optimization.  

The course is taught in English. Also the exam will be posed in English.

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Table of Contents

Part A: Models of exogenous growth

Part B: Models of endogenous growth

Recommended Textbooks


Grading of the course is based on active participation and a written exam (1h) at the end of the term. If the number of participating students is less than 5, an oral examination may replace the written one. (Students will be informed about the form of examination as soon as possible.) 
Registration (and deregistration) for the final exam takes place via the CampusOnline system. CampusOnline also provides information on current registration periods, time and place of exams.


Lect 2h, Mon 2-4 p.m.,  and Tue 2-4 p.m.,

Since we meet 4 hours each week, the course will end in May (after the first half of the summer term).

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Übung, SWS:1, VL Number: 34004


Leandro Navarro

Course Outline

The exercise course is closely linked to the lecture and supports the students in handling the different modeling approaches. The corresponding exercises will be provided on the e-learning server of the University of Bayreuth. It might be useful to prepare the exercises in advance to the course. It is strongly recommended to attend this course as well as the lecture for passing the exam successfully.

The course will be in English and will take place weekly.

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