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Chair of International Macroeconomics and Trade – Prof. Dr. Hartmut Egger

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Date News
18.09.2018 Aarhus BSS PhD call International Economics
29.07.2018 BA Seminar on "Multinational Firms and Wage Premia"
08.04.2018 Seminar on “Current Topics in International Trade”
17.08.2017 Master Seminar on Topics in the Organization of International Trade (Prof. Dr. Fischer)
24.07.2017 Seminar on “Modern Globalization: The Great Convergence”
20.07.2017 Seminar in International Economics
02.03.2017 Bachelor Seminar: “Firm Relationships in International Trade”
12.12.2016 Elevator Pitch on 16th December
22.11.2016 2 Doctoral Positions in Economics
14.10.2016 Seminar on Trade and Finance
23.06.2016 Workshop Tristan
27.04.2016 Reading groups in Philosophy, Economics and Philosophy & Economics

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